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Ben Steins says…

Reminds me a little of “You should do what you have to do before you have to do it so that when you do need it done, it already is.”

My ideal client is probably best defined as some other professional’s Client From Hell.

My ideal client is probably best defined as some other professional’s Client From Hell.

When your new client looks like a whoopee can about to burst out in your face, you have a resource available.   I will take the burden of making sense out of their mess.  My goal is that your Client from Hell should become your Ideal Client. The one that has a clear purpose in consulting you. The one who has already gathered up the information and documentation necessary to make your next  meeting with them productive.

So when 80% of your time wasting, frustrating, and unwelcome interactions are associated with 20% or fewer of your clients, and your business consultant, or career advisor, or sales manager, has advised you to eliminate those moments by eliminating those clients, take a deep breath, and call me.  We’ll work out their issues and resolve their roadblocks before sending them back to you.

Doesn’t that sound IDEAL?

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How much is that Mediary in the window?

Financial Mediary is a new and unfamiliar business model.  Professionals are used to doing things that they don’t want to do and are not best suited to doing.   Many of them will do as little of it as they can, on the spot, in order to “keep the client in the office” for billable time.  My service is intended to let them safely hand off those tasks that interfere with their core competency with the assurance of picking up where they left off later.

What is that certainty worth to them?  To their client?  Would either of them pay $100 for an hour of their time well spent by handing the problem off to me?

Would you?