For Financial Planners

Let me help you to do only what you do best.

A Financial Mediary does the many things that attorneys, accountants, financial planners, investment advisors, tax preparers and other financial professionals do not have time to do, may not be able to justify at their hourly rates, or may have a conflict of interest regarding. Either way, because they cannot get paid to do it, they think that a client should do it for him or herself. And of course, this often does not happen.

When you find yourself saying to your client or prospective client – “…I understand your situation, and you’ve got a problem all right. It’s just that I don’t do that sort of work. Until you get these other things done, we just can’t help you”, that’s when you should call me. If you are secure in your thriving practice and have a well-defined typical client, then by definition you are regularly weeding out that client who doesn’t fit your focus. That client that needs something off the beaten path, who you could help if it was worth your time, but it isn’t. That’s when you should call me. I can help you both. Ideally you can expect me to refer them right back to you when we are done.

For Investment and Insurance Professionals, it may be a client who needs stock shares titled correctly before selling them, and doesn’t want to reinvest the proceeds. There’s no commission for you there, and there is no financial plan there either. You can see a series of appointments and back-office activity resulting in no income to you, so you begin to say ‘I just can’t help you.”

That’s the job of a Mediary. This way we all win. You spend time with your ideal clients, and your referrals pay me by the hour by until they’re ready to come back to you.

Reach out to me with your off-the-beaten track situations. I work with attorneys, therapists, accountants, and financial planners to help their clients do what needs to be done when they cannot do it for themselves. Please do not hesitate to call me with your ideas for getting more business in your pocket.