Mediary Services

I now charge either an hourly rate or a flat-rate for activities that other professionals cannot do because of a conflict of interest, will not do because the client will not or cannot move their funds, or choose not to do because they don’t want to step into a mess.

For attorneys, it may be that client who can’t yet say what it is they want to do, but they need to talk with an expert who they can trust. You don’t get paid to listen to the client ramble on about why they can’t make a decision, but you don’t want to tell the client ‘I just can’t help you with that’. It may be that client who has a box or file cabinet of inherited documents that are potentially important, but first somebody has to go through them. He doesn’t want to pay your hourly rate, you don’t want to assign a paralegal, but he can’t make sense of them, and until he does, Probate is on hold. Similarly, it may be an estate client where the executor is out of town and needs someone less expensive than you to do the running around, securing storage, etc…

For Investment and Insurance professionals, it may be a client who needs stock shares titled into their own name but doesn’t want to sell them, or who has a handful of certificates that they just want to sell for cash. There’s no commission for you this time, and your sense is that there won’t be any later, either. You can see a series of appointments and back-office activity resulting in no income to you, so you begin to say ‘I just can’t help you.”

For an accountant or tax preparer, it might be that client that thinks you know and care about all things financial, and they want you to spend your time teaching them about the stock markets, the financial crisis, or Obama Care. You didn’t get into accounting because you liked to talk, of course. Or it might be that client whose business it going so well their record keeping has gotten put on the back burner. They shouldn’t hire a temp, because this isn’t just a data-entry problem, its categorization and compilation, with a little consulting on top.

That’s the job of the Mediary. All those needs in between the narrowly defined activities that successful professionals have chosen to focus on, and rightly so, still go begging for someone to take care of them. When your long time client asks you for something that you ‘just don’t do’, refer them to me. Your success can lead to mine. If you are secure in your niche, and have a thriving practice with a well defined typical client, by definition you are regularly weeding out the client that doesn’t fit your focus. The client that needs something off the wall, that you could take on if it was worth your time, but it isn’t. Ideally, when you refer them to me you can expect me to refer them right back to you when we are done. Or I might tell you that you were right; they were never going to be a revenue producing client. Either way we both win. You spend time with your ideal clients, and your referrals pay me by the hour by until they come back to you, or they go away.